About Us

What is Aukiyui :

"The pattern on a phone case should be more than mundane. It should have texture, which breathes life into it." This is the motivation behind the inception of "Aukiyui". The brand was established in 2022 and its name is a variant of the Japanese Ukiyo-e.


The Origin of Aukiyui:

"An unforgettable craft of relief art." The inspiration for the brand came when the founder visited a shop specializing in "Ukiyo-e woodblock prints" in Asakusa, Tokyo during a business trip abroad. The visual effect of this relief craft was truly fascinating. The founder had a sudden thought: if this visual effect could be applied to the design of "phone case" patterns using modern printing technology, it would be an interesting endeavor. Thus, the Aukiyui brand was created with the hope that every Aukiyui phone case user would feel like they were holding a piece of "relief artwork" and spread this aesthetic around the world.


Aukiyui's Unique Printing Technology:

"We've condensed the technique generally applied to making large relief textured posters and implemented it into the making of Aukiyui phone case designs." The relief patterns on Aukiyui phone cases are made using a unique multi-pressure printing technology, which gives the entire phone case a high-low relief texture. The colors are vibrant and do not fade, and they are resistant to wear. Even after more than a year of regular use, they can still maintain about 99% of their original condition.



The Practicality of Aukiyui Phone Cases:

"I've broken 12 phones in my lifetime, and used at least 100 different types of phone cases, only to understand that the principle of a good phone case is - balance." Aukiyui believes that a phone case that perfectly balances protection and user experience is a high-quality one. Aukiyui insists on choosing phone cases made of hard backplates and soft frames, as they offer the best balance between protection and practicality. The case should not be too heavy and bulky, as this could increase the chances of dropping the phone during use.

Therefore, Aukiyui phone cases emphasize slimness and lightness. This excellent grip and weightless operation will greatly reduce the chance of dropping the phone due to slippage.